Since our first investment in 2012, seven of the eight companies are still in operation. The company that closed, NearNote, saw it’s founders move on to join a Y Combinator backed company, and Google. Part of our founding ambition was to give new opportunities to young, smart people and so we have immense pride in Student Upstarts being a part of their individual journeys.

Of the remaining seven, five have gone on to complete following rounds of investment and have been featured in print and across the web in publications including Forbes, The Guardian and Business Insider.



Loot is a smart banking service built for students. Budget, track, and be rewarded for your spending.

See an interview with Loot CEO, Ollie Purdue, in Business Insider.

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MapSit brings your map to life. See where your friends are, send messages as individuals or groups and share locations like never before.

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Fanbytes helps companies reach the most engaged audience on the social web through influencers they love.

Read about Fanbytes in Forbes.

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Hubbly Bubbly

Hubbly Bubbly is a leading UK vaping company focused primarily on developing solutions for the flavoured tobacco sector.


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Bearded Colonel

With the Bearded Colonel, you’ll get fresh shaving razors delivered to you every month (or when you like!), at a fair price.

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Zealify showcases the best SMEs & startups to work for in London & UK. Explore their culture, values & careers to find a company that fits you.

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Marizca utilises aquaculture to produce shrimp in a sustainable and environmentally friendly manner in the heart of London.

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NearNote – Closed

NearNote was working to disrupt the traditional events discovery model.